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Current Issues:  Transportation

Transportation Data

As requested at the March 9, 2020, MCCF meeting, Jerry Garson, Transportation Committee Chair, is making available data he’s compiled on local transportation, including vehicles on local roads (hourly/daily) and ridership on both Metro trains and buses as well as RideOn.  See the Excel file HERE.

Pedestrian and Bike Safety

■ 11/11/19 Kristy Daphnis Presentation to MCCF on Pedestrian and Bike Safety
■ 11/11/19 Planning Department Presentation on Pedestrian Master Plan at MCCF November monthly meeting.

Pepco Presentation on Future Shared Use Path

The attached PowerPoint presentation on Recreational Access to the Pepco Transmission Corridor was sent to MCCF by Jeff Dunckel, Pedestrian Safety Coordinator for the Montgomery County Department of Transportation.  It was presented to the public on October 6, 2016 (date on page one is incorrect).

MCCF’s ITA-BRT Response

On 1/7/16, MCCF published a “Response to County Executive Isiah Leggett’s Proposal for an Independent Transit Authority/Bus Rapid Transit System,” prepared by the Transporation Committee.  Read it here.

Recent Monthly MCCF Programs on Transportation Issues

September 2015 Program — Update on the Proposed Independent Transit Authority
■ Part 1, Background on Proposed BRT and ITA
■ Part 2, Discussion of Alternatives
■ Download presentation slideshow as PDF file

April 2015 Program — Transportation of the Future
■ Part 1 demonstrates how increased capacity cannot solve congestion.
■ Part 2 includes Houston’s “Reimagining Transit” project.

Long-Term Repairs on Red Line Tunnel

On 10/9/14, WMATA released a “Summary of Long-Term Repairs on Red Line Tunnel Between Friendship Heights and Medical Center Stations.”  Repairs to solve the problem of water infiltration at the Medical Center station are tentatively scheduled to take place during 14 weekend shutdowns of the affected section of track, starting in Summer or Fall of 2016.  [View document.]

2014 Mobility Assessment Report

On 4/17/14, the draft 2014 Mobility Assessment Report was presented to the Planning Board.  [See Current Issues webpage for the Planning and Land Use Committee for details.]

Bicycle Safety / Infrastructure

On 10/14/13, MCCF adopted three resolutions regarding bike safety campaign, MCPD bike patrol activities, and improving bicycle infrastructure.  [View text on MCCF’s Resolutions webpage, filed by date.]

Power Line ROW Walking & Bike Paths

On 4/10/13, the Civic Federation sent a letter to PEPCO seeking permission for pedestrian and bicycle paths through power line rights-of-way.  [View MCCF letter.]

Designated But Unmaintained Roads

On 2/3/12, the Civic Federation sent a letter to Council staff and the Council President urging FY13 Capital Budget funding for construction of “Designated But Unmaintained Roads.”  [See MCCF letter.]

County Parking Policy Study

A Montgomery County Parking Policy Study has been conducted by M-NCPPC and the county Dept. of Transportation, working with the contractor for the study, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates.  The “Study Summary,” dated Spring 2011, was released jointly to the Council PHED and T&E Committees on 3/31/11.  [View Parking Study Summary (starting on pg. 4 of staff packet).]

Roadside Solicitations by County Employees

On 5 April 2011, a bill banning certain roadside solicitations was introduced in County Council.  Bill 12-11 would prohibit county employees from standing in a roadway, median strip, or intersection from soliciting charitable donations while “on the clock.”  MCCF urged approval of bill at May 3 Council hearing.  [See also state legislation on Current Issues:  Legislation Committee webpage on this site, or click to view MCCF article on county bill.]
■ On 6/21/11, Council decided not to take vote on the bill; will wait to see effectiveness of DFRS memo to firefighters to not stand in roadway during “Fill the Boot” campaign on Labor Day 2011.

State Transportation Projects Priority List

On 15 February 2011, the County Council will consider approval and transmittal of a “State Transportation Projects Priority List.”  [View staff packet for this Council discussion.]
■ Council made changes to draft letter on 2/15/11; County Executive approved changes, and final version was emailed to State on 2/17/11.  [View final letter.]

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

On 01/24/2011, the County Council’s Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee (T&E) received a briefing on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).  [View staff packet for BRT briefing.]
■ On 8/3/11, the study of a possible county Bus Rapid Transit system, initiated by the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT), was released for download from MCDOT’s website.  [View press release or for link to BRT Study (a 16MB download).]
■ On 7/18/13, Planning Board adopted Countywide Transit Corridors Functional Master Plan containing recommendations for route alignments for a new BRT system; 7/25/13, Board transmitted their recommended version to Council.
■ Council public hearing scheduled for 9/24/13 and 9/26/13, starting at 7:30 p.m. both evenings.

Transit Task Force

On 2/24/11, County Executive Leggett announced the appointment of members to his newly created “Transit Task Force.”  [View press release naming appointees, or MCCF article on Transit Task Force, or link to Transit Task Force webpage on county government website.]
■ On 5/22/12, the Transit Task Force transmitted their Final Report and Recommendations for a $1.8b 160-mile countywide RTV (Rapid Transit Vehicle) system to the County Executive and released it to the public.  [View Final Report.]
■ On 6/7/12, the Task Force briefed the Planning Board on the Final Report in context of revision of Master Plan of Highways which is currently underway.  [View planning staff packet for the briefing.]
■ On 6/12/12, the County Council received a transit briefing including updates on the Purple Line, the Corridor Cities Transitway, and the Transit Task Force Final Report.  [To view individual updates, click on underlined titles/links shown under Item 5 on Council agenda for 6/12/12.]
■ On 6/28/12, the Civic Federation sent a letter to County Executive Leggett regarding the failure to allow public comment prior to release of the Transit Task Force Final Report, as was called for in the TTF Work Program, and suggesting a course of remedy.  [View MCCF letter or transmittal email from MCCF President Barth reminding Mr. Leggett of his 2006 Inaugural Address pledge to establish a transparent, citizen inclusive form of government.]
■ On 7/9/12, the MCCF Transportation Committee hosted a briefing to education Federation members and the public on the Transit Task Force Report and recommendations.
■ On 7/12/12, County Executive Isiah Leggett and the Transit Task Force (TTF) he created held a public hearing on the TTF Final Report of Findings and Recommendations, which was released on May 22.  The record remained open until July 26 for individuals and groups who wished to submit written comments.  [View county press release on hearing or to access Transit Task Force homepage or TTF Final Report.]
■ In fall 2012, county formed a Rapid Transit System (RTS) Steering Committee to advise the Chief Administrative Officer and County Executive on implementation of an RTS in the county.  The Steering Committee has 16 voting members, including 3 members from the CE’s Transit Task Force, 2 public members who are transit experts, a number of county department heads, and representatives from WMATA and MD Dept. of Transportation.  On 12/4/12, the Committee held a kick-off meeting.  [View PowerPoint presentation from that meeting.]
■ On 11/17/12, Council introduced $1 million Supplemental Appropriation to FY13 Capital Budget requested by County Executive, for Mo DOT to conduct further studies on Rapid Transit System; Council held a hearing on Supplemental request on 1/15/13; T&E Comm. worksession scheduled for 1/17/13.  [View Council staff packet for worksession, including breakout of requested expenditures.]
■ 11/12/12  County Executive Leggett announces county can’t afford proposed bus network.  [View Examiner article.]
■ On 11/12/12, County planners consider taking lanes of roadways for buses only.  [View Post article.]
■ On 11/17/12, Leggett requested from Council a $1 million Supplemental Appropriation to county FY13 Capital Budget for further studies on Rapid Transit systems.  [View Examiner article.]  Council held public hearing on 1/15/13; T&E Comm. held worksession on 1/17/13 — staff packet included breakout of requested expenditures, including $75,000 for 6 months salary to hire a manager to oversee the studies, a new position.  [View Council staff packet.]
■ On 1/22/13, Council approved only $500,000 – $450,000 to study service planning and integration and transit signal priority, and $50,000 for initial salary to hire manager (vote 8-1, Councilmember Floreen voting against).

Transit Corridors Functional Master Plan

On 7/18/13, the Planning Board adopted Draft “Countywide Transit Corridors Functional Master Plan,” containing recommended route alignments for new BRT system, and transmitted to County Council.
■ 9/24 & 9/26/13, Council held hearing on Board’s Draft Plan; T&E Comm. sessions 10/7 thru 11/5/13.
■ 11/26/13 Council approved the Plan, with amendments, by unanimous vote of members.