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Current Issues:  Public Safety

Boosting the Nighttime Economy

In January 2013, County Executive Leggett created a Task Force to make recommendations on boosting the nighttime economy.  The members began meeting in May, took comments from the public, and delivered their final recommendations to the County Executive in November.
■ View the Final Report and Recommendations of the Task Force, or
■ View video of meeting at which final recommendations were presented.

Ambulance Fee

Council approved CE Leggett’s proposal to create an “Ambulance Fee” ... again.  In a letter to County Council dated 4/12/12, County Executive Isiah Leggett requested an Expedited Bill be introduced in the Council to create an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) transport reimbursement program.  Leggett previously proposed the fee in the FY09 Operating Budget, but it was disapproved.  Council approved in FY11 Operating Budget, but voters overturned it in November 2010 referendum.  On 5/14/12 the MCCF failed to approve a resolution to support the fee.  On 5/15/12, Council approved Expedited Bill 17-12 by 6 to 3 vote — Council members Andrews, Berliner and Leventhal voting to oppose.  [View CE’s 4/12/12 letter to Council.]
■ On 8/13/12, the Volunteer Firefighters Association announced it would not seek to place referendum on the November ballot.

Youth Curfew

Expedited Bill 25-11, to impose a curfew on youth under the age of 18, introduced in Council on 7/12/11 at the request of the County Executive; Council held public hearing on 7/26/11.  [View MCCF testimony from MCCF Executive Committee supporting passage.]
■ On 9/15/11, Council Public Safety Committee held worksession to consider County Executive’s proposed revisions to introduced curfew bill.  [View staff packet.]
■ At 11/14/11 meeting, MCCF delegates voted to oppose passage.  [View 11/21 MCCF letter to County Council.]
■ On 12/1/11, Public Safety Committee held worksession; voted to recommend full Council disapprove Bill 25-11 (Andrews and Berliner to disapprove, Elrich abstained)
■ On 12/6/11, full Council tabled Bill 25-11 by a vote of 6 to 3.

Loitering / Prowling

Bill 35-11, Offenses - Loitering or Prowling - Established, introduced in Council on 10/25/11, sponsored by Councilmembers Andrews, Leventhal, and Rice as alternative to proposed curfew bill.
■ At 11/14/11 meeting, MCCF delegates voted to support passage.
■ Council Public Safety Committee held public hearing on 11/15/11.  [View MCCF testimony or to view 11/21/11 MCCF letter to County Council.]
■ On 12/1/11, Public Safety Committee held worksession;; voted to recommend full Council disapprove Bill 35-11 (Berliner and Elrich to disapprove, Andrews for approval).
■ On 12/6/11, full Council tabled Bill 35-11 by a vote of 5 to 4.

Park Police to Merge with County Cops

Montgomery County Organizational Reform Commission made a recommendation in their Final Report (released on 31 January 2011) that the Montgomery County Park Police be incorporated into the Montgomery County Police Department, as a division of the MCPD.  [View page 22 of the Commission Report.]
■ A bill — MC/PG 112-11 — was introduced in the 2011 Maryland General Assembly to merge the Montgomery County Park Police into the county Police Department, and effect transfer of Park Police property to MCPD; bill has not yet been referred to a Montgomery County Delegation Committee.  [View the Bill on the Delegation website, and see also Legislation Committee Current Issues page on this website.]
■ The County Council’s Public Safety Committee held a worksession on 11 February 2011 to consider the merger of Park Police and County Police.  [View staff packet prepared for worksession.]
■ Bill withdrawn.

Roadway Solicitation Task Force Report

The report, released in November 2010, is posted on the Legislation Committee’s Current Issues page, since County will need authority granted by State in order to enact legislation instituting a permit process for roadside solicitation.
■ State Bill MC 20-11 was introduced in 2011 General Assembly by Delegate Ann Kaiser.
■ State bill MC 20-11 was withdrawn by its sponsors, Delegate Kaiser, immediately prior to vote of county House delegation on 3/11/11.  [See Current Issues: Legislation Committee for details on this issue.]