montgomery county civic federation, inc.


The Star Cup
The Star Cup is awarded to the Federation delegate or committee performing the most outstanding public service on behalf of Montgomery County.

Sentinel Award
The Sentinel Award is given to an individual or group, typically outside of government, for a significant contribution to “good government” at the local level.

Wayne Goldstein Award
This Wayne Goldstein Award (formerly known as the Gazette Award and the Journal Cup) recognizes outstanding public service contributions by an individual or group in Montgomery County.

MCCF Annual Awards

At its annual awards banquet, the Montgomery County Civic Federation currently bestows three awards on individuals and/or groups that have provided outstanding public service to the people of the county:  The Star Cup, the Sentinel Award, and the Wayne Goldstein Award.

In addition, in 2008 the Civic Federation presented a Special Youth Civic Achievement Award to Sarah Boltuck, then a senior at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, “in honor of her outstanding contribution to the civic life of Montgomery County and Maryland.”  She led a successful effort to secure the right of 17-year-old Maryland residents to register and vote in a primary election if they will turn 18 before the general election.

To see a list of past and current award recipients, click on the award names at right.

Community Heroes

Since 2004, the Montgomery County Civic Federation has regularly honored people and organizations from our community that are heroes.  These individuals and groups take time from their lives and work hard to make the county a better place for all of us.